Snowskin Mooncakes

September 5, 2008

Made these early in the morning, probably just to excuse myself from mugging for the promotional exams.

I tried using the character set sushi moulds I got from Daiso.Unfortunately, the prints didn’t turn out well, and i had to use the traditional wooden mooncake mould instead. It turned out pretty well, just that i had a little trouble knocking them out of the mould. Mom told me that it sounded as if i was going to tear down the whole apartment. Haha!

Well, i got rather tired of the same old mould that I’ve been using for the 5th year, so i made use of the Cinamorroll cookie stamper! It’s really adorable;  Time consuming though.

Here’s the receipe I used  [I reduced the sugar to 100g]

Makes 10 Minis

120 Icing sugar

20g Shortening

100ml Warm water

60g Rice Flour


1. Rub icing sugar together with shortening. Mix thoroughly.

2. Stir in warm water. Continue stirring until most of the sugar melts.

3. Add in the glutinuous rice flour and mix evenly.

4. Set for 5-8 minutes and wrap with your favourite fillings.

5. Chill and serve!

I ♥ making snowskin mooncakes. They are hassle-free, quick,fail-proof and easy to make. Do try making some at home too and if there’s anything i can help, just leave a comment somewhere.

Meanwhile, it’s back to studying again!


4 Responses to “Snowskin Mooncakes”

  1. Hi Esther, I made snowskin mooncakes yesterday too! I don’t have a mooncake mold, so I used a cookie cutter. May I ask where did you get the Cinnamoroll cookie cutter?!! I love Cinnamoroll 😀

  2. Esther Says:

    Hello happyhomebaker!
    You can get them at Takashimaya, or try your luck at ebay! 😀
    ahh, i wish i could bake as well as you!

  3. 3cho3y Says:

    hihi! Just want to say, good job! Oh! Another thing!

    the 17-year-old girl’s foodie playground.. N is missing from playground!

    Anyhow, CHEERS!!

  4. Sarah Says:

    SISTTERRRRRRRRRR! cool snow skin mooncake. Actually my aunt have been making mooncakes, the snow skin one for years but stopped this year cause her hand pain.
    Do you actually sell it? HAHA
    😀 miss you man!

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